New Jawbone Fitness Trackers

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 11/10/2014

Last week, Jawbone introduced two new fitness trackers that complement their offer. The company wants to aim for a bigger market with those two devices, one focused on the high-end level and the other centered on the entry-level market.

The world of fitness trackers designed to monitor our daily physical activity is clearly on the rise, and currently, the amount and variety of those devices is really impressive. Jawbone, aware of the growing competition, has gone a step further and has put the focus on the data analysis and the functionality of their devices.

It is true that the fact that we were wearing a heart sensor is no guarantee that we have a good and useful information about our heart. In this sense, Jawbone claims to have the best software to get the most out of our workout. Let analyze them separately:

Jawbone Up Move

It is a clip that we can hang from the waist or the pocket, or it can be worn on the wrist by changing the clip for a strap (included). It works with a non-rechargeable Lithium battery with 225 mAh, enough for 6 months of operation.


It has 3-axis accelerometer, a collection of LEDs to provide indications and BLE 4.0 Bluetooth connection.

If we look at the software, we can find:

Coach Smart, which advised us on the best way to train and the changes we need to do in order to improve our training.
Sleep Tracking, which monitors the duration and quality of our sleep, offering tips to improve our rest.
Activity Tracking, which can count the steps, the exercise performed and the calories burned throughout the day.

Jawbone Up3

This is the high-end version of the quantifying bracelet Up. Unlike the previous device, it is waterproof and it’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with 38 mAh, enough for 7 days of use.

It packs a 3-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensor for the heart rate, respiration and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response), temperature sensor (skin and environmental), a collection of LEDs for the notifications and connection via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

If we look at the software, there is a lot more of new features that the Up Move, thanks mainly to the increased number of available sensors. To take full advantage of the entire volume of information recorded, the Jawbone Up3 includes:

Heart Health, which continuously monitors our heart rate and gives advice about the best way to take care of our heart.
Coach Smart, which uses all the information recorded by different sensors to customize our goals and achieve faster targets we have set ourselves.


Advanced Sleep, which analyzes every phase of our sleep (light, deep and REM) and gives tips to optimize and improve our rest.
Advance Activity, able to recognize the type of physical activity we are doing at all times (either running or playing basketball) and provides reliable information about the number of calories we have burnt.

Both devices are available for iOS and Android (with version 4.3 Jelly Bean and higher). You can buy them directly from their website for $49.99 for the Jawbone Up Move, and $179.99 for the Jawbone Up3.

Source: TechNewsWorld.