Mobius Final Fantasy available in free version for iOS and Android

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 08/4/2016

Mobius Final Fantasy is a title that takes us inside an adventure role-playing game based, obviously, on the famous series created specifically for tablets and smartphones,and it is now available on mobile devices based on iOS and Android.

The title of the house Square Enix, a game critically acclaimed in Japan and winner of the “Best of 2015” on the App Store, allows players to fully customize their characters and have fun with incredible graphics in High Definition. Thanks to a promotion, which will last until the end of August, Square Enix will give players special items to use in the game, including the fantastic sword that Tidus has in Final Fantasy X, Fraternity, a card of Yuna’s character, Ability Tickets, Summon tickets and much more.

The player will play as Wol, or as a warrior who, after a long and exhausting struggle, is presumed dead. But he appears to be alive and well, and after some time, finally managed to awaken: around him, however, there are only and exclusively the bodies of many fighters who, like him, they had to deal with this particular and grueling battle, losing the life.

Classic role-playing game that belongs to the particular world of Final Fantasy and that leads, on mobile devices, to all the mechanisms that have made special this saga. We must stress that, in this chapter, it will be possible to alternate phases of exploration with those where the fighting will be present and will put a strain in the player’s skills, which will have to deal with fierce enemies ready to do anything to defeat Wol.

Until 12 August, players who make the daily log in the game will also receive other prizes consisting of Bronze Openers, Ability Tickets and elixirs. At this point there is nothing left to wish you much pleasure with the new RPG by Square Enix house reminding you that the title is currently available on mobile devices based on iOS and Android in free version.

Mobius Final Fantasy available in free version for iOS and Android