Microsoft releases the Outlook watchface for Android Wear

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 06/3/2016

Microsoft continues to expand its presence on the mobile platforms: after iOS and then Apple Watch, Outlook updates on Android with a new watchface for Android Wear.

The main objective of the watchfaces is to always have an eye on all the events scheduled in the calendar. The main screen, with digital watch, shows the first event coming up, and if there are not programmed events in the next 12 hours, there are displayed emails to read (or the most recent, if necessary). With a tap, you can view the event details or email, with the subject, the list of participants, location and so on. At the edge of the dial, we have colored segments based on the upcoming events.

As you can see from the image, the watchface also offers the ability to customize the background colors and accents; finally, you can meet and interact with notifications using certain quick actions. The update is already online, but if you have not yet received it, you should get it in the coming days.

Microsoft releases the Outlook watch face for Android Wear 1

As well as a smartwatch tells you the time it also lets you have different choices of colors to choose from, and the watchface in question summarizes events and unread emails already in the base screen, allowing you to interact with the various notifications from your wrist.

You will interact with emails making practically all the actions that you could play even from your smartphone, such as file them, delete them, assign a flag, add them to your calendar or even respond using voice dictation or a series of pre-set answers, so all good news.

Microsoft releases the Outlook watchface for Android Wear