Huawei prototype appears on video, it will the long-awaited Google Nexus?

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 08/6/2015

Today we learned from Nowhereelse the existence of a supposed prototype which has Huawei in process of development, but prototype appeared on video and the lack of official confirmation could say almost certainly that could be the new Nexus device.

Throughout the week we’ve been learning all kinds of rumors that Google has commissioned to the leading manufacturers LG and Huawei the production of the new Nexus terminals. Interestingly and as reacts to rumors that have surfaced in no time and has refuted the above, something that gives evidence that we are not going misguided.

Its physical appearance first shown confirms a design out of the ordinary in the firm of Huawei, but it has some of the characteristics that we have seen throughout the day as the fingerprint reader, the powerful main camera with the following flash and metallic finish. Unfortunately the video quality can not confirm whether the USB connector of the type-C will be available or not, but hopefully so.

The truth is that if we visualize again the video the housing or protective cover of LG Google Nexus they find enough similarity between them. If you look, the round camera in the central part, the fingerprint reader below it and the flash on the left side share the same location as the terminal of Huawei course today shown. Too many coincidences, do not you think?

Whether real or not video and leaked information as yet, as we let draw in our minds what it would be one of the two Nexus devices coming this year with Android M. Hopefully now is the turn of LG and leaking its terminal.

Huawei prototype appears on video, it will the long-awaited Google Nexus?