HTC believes that the monthly security updates are unrealistic

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 10/5/2015

A few months ago, following the security problem known as Stagefright, Google promised monthly updates for all Android devices. An update via OTA to be sure that the latest vulnerabilities have been solved. To this promise also other manufacturers like LG and Samsung joined to include the latest security updates.

We recently talked about Stagefright 2, which shows that researchers are still looking for serious security breaches and therefore manufacturers must remain vigilant.

The controversy we collect now stems from a tweet of Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America. In a reply to another thread said to offer regular updates every month is not realistic, since the process requires the approval of various parties and the time for action is usually more than one month. It is certainly a tricky subject. We understand the position of HTC and the problems they may have to offer its users as row updates. Promises do not do well if they will not comply. But the key to this issue is just speeding up the update process for manufacturers to become accustomed.

It is not something that is held only by HTC or Google, the parties involved must improve their communication, empathize and act faster to improve the update being ready without further. A security OTA is needed each month? Consider that for the user, this means nothing, since they occupy little and cosmetic changes are zero. Transferred to the world of applications, they tend to fix bugs with a shorter period and the security level is bigger.

A manufacturer not only highlighted by the quality of their products, but also for their technical support and warranty, and this is HTC unfortunately for users, all of us are not fulfilled as it should. HTC always has time to change its mind and provide the support that users deserve, because not everything is focused on high-end flagships.

HTC believes that the monthly security updates are unrealistic