How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 04/14/2014

How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

There are two different rooting methods for Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.


Method 1:
  • 1. Download and unzip the following files: Odin 3.07 and and the file with .tar extension that you will find in the “Download sources” section.
  • 2. Charge the phone battery up to 60% (minimum) to avoid being shut down in the middle of the process.
  • 3. Download Samsung drivers to update the phone if necessary.
  • 4. Run Odin and click on “Reset” on the bottom of the window. In the box where it says PDA add the .tar file.
  • 5. Enable USB Debugging mode. To do this go to Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging.
  • 6. Enable Download mode now. Press volume down button + Home + Power simultaneously. When a screen appears asking you to accept, press the volume up button.
  • 7. Connect the phone to the computer. Odin will recognize it instantly. Click “Start” and root process will be completed.
Method 2:
  • 1. Download the file Root_SuperSU.1.04 and save it on the phone. To do this you must go to Settings and enable USB Debugging (as we explained in step 5 of the previous method).
  • 2. Turn on your phone into Download mode (Volume Down button + Home + Power).
  • 3. Connect the phone to the computer so that Odin recognizes it, just as in the previous method.
  • 4. Add the file CWM Recovery in Odin, in the box that says PDA.
  • 5. Uncheck the box where it says Auto-reboot and leave the one saying “F. Reset Time”.
  • 6. Press “Start”.
  • 7. When Odin finished, disconnect the phone from the computer.
  • 8. Reboot the device into recovery mode (Volume up + Home + Power).
  • 9. Select “Install zip from sd card” option. Select the file that you downloaded in step 1 called Root_SuperSU.1.04 to be installed on the phone.
  • 10. Reboot the phone. Root is done.

Remember you can find more rooting methods through this link.


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