Heroes: A Grail Quest, a fun turn-based strategy game

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 05/8/2014

Heroes: A Grail Quest, a fun turn-based strategy game

Fans of Heroes of Might and Magic will find this game terribly familiar. It is a clone of that legendary medieval saga, a simplified version adapted to touch screen devices. In this game, we put ourselves in the shoes of a knight who has the mission to find the Grail to heal his king, the legendary King Arthur.

When we start the game, we can choose the difficulty level, which will limit the number of days we have to carry out the mission and find the Grail. To complete this mission successfully, we have to explore a considerably large map and search for all the pieces of a puzzle. In this puzzle, we can see the location of the Grail, and we have a limited number of days to find all the pieces and its location.


We can move around the map by land and sea, using a boat that we can buy in any town. Moreover, in the village we can also hear rumors and news, and buy catapults (necessary to besiege castles), among other things.

The game has a simple but fun 3D graphics, and a simple and intuitive control. You can scroll the map by dragging the ground, tab once to see the information of a point and double tap to move our hero to that point.


The game is turn-based, and each new week we get some money that we can invest on improving our army or buy spells. The money we receive depends on the number of castles we have conquered, and we have to deduct the maintenance of the army, so that if we go to explore with a strong army, the extra money we get each week will be rather low.

However, the game offers other ways to get coins. The most obvious are the treasures scattered all over the map, which often contain small amounts of money, but sometimes they can also contain special objects or spells. Besides, when we conquer a castle or other space (a temple, a cave, a crypt, etc…) We can also obtain rewards after winning a battle in the form of objects or coins. The conquered sites join our side, and we can recruit the troops offered weekly.


The battles take place on a stage with a hexagonal grid where all troops move in turn. Each unit has a different level of mobility and different attack and defense, so we have to plan the best strategy depending on the type of troops of the enemy’s army.

However, when we suffer a defeat on the battlefield, the game doesn’t ends. Our hero returns to the starting point, where we can recruit again an army and continue exploring the map.


Heroes: Grail Quest is available for Android devices with version 2.2 or higher. Is worth the $1 and it has no kind of in-app purchases. You can download it from the App Store