Google will present a game console and smart watch in next months

Hexamob 07/17/2013

Android Game Console

It seems that Google is preparing a game console and a smart watch that would work with Android operating system, as discussed from Wall Street Journal. This move by Google could be influenced by rumors around Apple and mentioning that this company is developing a smart watch too to release it very soon. Google does not want to be at a disadvantage against its main competitor and it brings to market new gadgets to help to reinforce the image of Google and Android. We have to remember that both Microsoft and Sony have recently introduced new gaming consoles, the Xbox and the PlayStation 4 One and also the Sony SmartWatch 2 and all of them will be available soon. Therefore, in addition to Apple, Google is trying to compete with other brands such as Microsoft and Sony who will also offer advanced technological products. This news would be very beneficial for all users since competition should always benefit the user in terms of product prices.

Nexus Q

But Google is not never stop. Besides all these new game consoles, smart watches and other services offered and constantly updated, Google is also preparing the launch of Nexus Q, a wireless device that works with Android 2.3 or later and it let us to watch movies or listen music in TVs or speakers. Although it’s still not available for purchase you can check the information that Google has made available on the PlayStation Store by clicking here. In my opinion, Google is following the correct steps to remain like the leader in the technology sector and its competitors will have to work very hard to cope with the amount of products and services that Google is offering to the user.