Google Glass rooted

Hexamob 05/22/2013

Google has provided augmented reality prototype glasses, As part of the “Glass Explorer Program”, to many users for testing. Google needs feedback from developers to make some important modifications and get ready without security problems the final units of Google Glass before the release.

There are some developers that have already found a way to achieve root on Google Glasses, granting full access to the device’s Android operating system. One of these developers have cracked the device using Bin4ry rooting method, a known exploit used to get root on Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets. This method was discovered by a hacker named B1nary.

Another developers also got root on his device with a different way. Sure we will get many news about this in next days. We have to take into account it’s not clear whether those holes to get rooting will still be available in the consumer edition. We’ll have to wait the official released version to check if Google have fixed these holes or not. We hope the second. But, at this moment, all sources are talking about Google left Glass unlocked. So, we’ll be able to hack it.

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