Google Drive gives a terabyte free to write reviews in Maps

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 11/14/2015

Google Maps and Google Drive are without doubt the most used Google services. Google Maps is a gigantic service used almost worldwide, of which over 60% have Street View, a supplement that allows you to view recent images in the place you’re looking for. Google Drive is the default storage service in the cloud Google. Drive allows you to upload your files on the server so you can access them from anywhere and from any device. Drive assign you 15 GB of free storage.

Until now, because if you wanted more storage available, you must pay certain monthly rates: € 1.99 per extra GB you have 100, for € 9.99 and up to 1 TB maximum, you can enjoy up to 30 TB by € 299.99 per month. Although Google Maps may be the king of the virtual maps, the big G does not have the sufficient reviews. That’s why Google is starting today an exchange for star ratings and wants you to give a brief description of what you think about the place in question, and if you dou, you will get free storage.

But all is not as simple as it seems. Besides this Terabyte only last two years you will have to perform up to 40 reviews, as you gain 5 “points” for review and when you get to 200 you get terabytes. Possibly, when “expire” your Terabyte have to scramble to move everything to the cloud has gone elsewhere, or pay their rates.

Google Drive gives a terabyte free to write reviews in Maps 1

Still, you can see the good part; 40 reviews you win the equivalent of € 225.52 in cloud storage. To write a review on Google Maps simply you have to access its web, click on any of the places you’ve been and clicking on “Write a review”.

Google Maps is a mapping application server on the web that belongs to Google. It offers images of movable maps and satellite photos of the world and even the route between different locations or at street level images with Google Street View. There is a desktop variant called Google Earth. In 2014, the documents leaked by Edward Snowden revealed that Google Maps is part and victim of global monitoring network operated by several Western intelligence agencies and technology companies.

Google Drive gives a terabyte free to write reviews in Maps