Fitbit, fitness tracker for everyone

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 04/30/2014

Fitbit, fitness tracker for everyone

Fitbit Inc. is a Californian company that has launched different types of devices able to quantify our physical activity. They connect via Bluetooth with iOS and Android smartphones and can also connect with our PC to view all the information gathered during the training sessions.

The devices currently on sale are the Fitbit Zip, wireless activity tracker; Fitbit One, wireless activity and sleep tracker; and Fitbit Flex, wireless activity and sleep wristband.

Fitbit Zip

The Zip wireless activity tracker is a small device that can be attached to our belt, pocket or bra , and monitors the steps we take, the distance traveled and calories burned.


The sensor is enclosed in a silicone metal frame with a gripper designed to hold comfortably during all the training session. It resists rain and splashes, and works with a coin battery that supplies power for about 4-6 months of operation.

It has a small touch screen with 5 modes of visualization: steps, distance, calories, Fitbit Smiley and clock. Connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Here you can see the list of devices compatible with the all the Fitbit products.

The Fitbit Zip is available in 5 colors: blue, magenta, white, charcoal, and lime. You can buy it for $59.95 in the Fitbit web store.

Fitbit One


The Fitbit One is another small device that monitors our physical activity during the day and tracks our sleep overnight. It can monitor the steps that we have taken, the floors climbed, the calories burned, the hours we have slept, the times we wake up during the night and the sleep quality.

At night, we can wear it on a wrist band, and it monitors all our night activity. In addition, a silent alarm can wake us in the morning without anyone else knowing.

It has a button on the front to switch between screens, and it can display the 6 types of information: steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, flower (it grows or decays according to our recent activity), and clock.

It can store up to 7 days of detailed data, and save the info of the previous 23 days of the month as a daily summary of calories, total distance traveled, floors climbed and steps taken.

The Fitbit One is available in black and burgundy for $99.95. It can be purchase at the Fitbit web store.

Fitbit Flex


The Fitbit Flex is a wirstband that monitors all our daily activity and also tracks our sleep during the night.

We can set a goal for the day and the lights of the sensor show the percentage of our daily goal achieved. Each light means 20% of the total objective, so we can easily check how is going our training session. The Fitbit Flex, as the other devices, synchronizes with your PC or Mac and with many iOS and some Android devices.

The Fitbit Flex is available in two sizes and several colors: black, slate, tangerine, teal, navy, violet, lime and pink. You can buy it in the Fitbit web store for $99.95.