Facebook for Android allows you to upload photos in high definition

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 03/20/2016

Sometimes, you may have noticed the discrepancy in the quality of the photos submitted by the Faceboo Android client compared to the PC version. Right now, in fact, the use of two different compression algorithms caused, on smartphones, a sharp decline in quality that reverberated on the final result.

Decidedly this is a different situation comparing to what happen uploading from PC, where the contents do not suffer the effects of the mobile counterparts. The recent unification of compression algorithms has led to a marked improvement in the quality of photos submitted via smarpthone through its application. This means that the images will benefit now of additional details that are very close to the original while not claiming to be in every way faithful to the latter. The size and quality ratio was still significantly improved and now you have the ability to manage from 2048p images without major upheavals in the shadows and colors.

The gradual release of the application in the market is in operation even if it is not perfectly clear what kind of distribution path it is, at least for the moment. We will wait for the next few hours to learn something more. Stay tuned, therefore. Meanwhile you can download the Facebook application from Android Market or from Google Play Store to get all the updates whenever they are ready.

Facebook for Android allows you to upload photos in high definition 1

Moreover, Facebook Live is already working in many European countries. It is a new of Facebook for Android and allows you to record and share live video with your friends/followers, although at the moment this functionality is not available for everyone, since it seems limited to the verified pages. However, this is a step forward for Android, since it was possible to now use direct only via iPhone, and if you follow some European Facebook pages, you will know that some of them are already doing some live videos like this.

The functionality is available through the Facebook app on Android that is marked by a special broadcasting icon. Recall, however, that Facebook has promised to bring the Live functionality to all users, so you just have to wait for it, but Android is now ready to support it.

Facebook for Android allows you to upload photos in high definition