European operators want to block all Google advertising

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 05/16/2015

The latest plan made for European operators can be about blocking all advertising shown by Google, but this idea not only can kill Google; also would kill the Internet as we know it.

Several European mobile operators have installed a software on their systems developed by Shine, specializing in block ads on web pages and applications. According to sources of the Financial Times, at least one European operator is now ready to offer a ad blocking service, which in any case would not be enabled by default, which would block all advertising except in social networks.

That’s a important news, since apparently this is all part of a plan to kill Google and its dominance over the market for online advertising. The plan would be implemented this year and the consequencies would be bigger than we can imagine, as many people are earning money with AdSense, for example.

European operators want to block all Google advertising

First, nobody is aware of the many problems that can be assumed if the operators decide what’s the advertising we must see; for people who can be asking what’s the problem, it is a clear problem of net neutrality, because operators would be blocking certain types of traffic without any justification. There is nothing that prevents them from using the same technology to block websites of competition, for example. This is worst than Eurovision Festival.

And second, if you are suddenly using Google advertising, as a huge amount of pages and blogs are doing now, they will instantly lose millions of euros, together. Pages you are reading now rely on advertising to survive, so blocking advertisements would be like locking the cash register of a supermarket. So, the best operator can do is taking them all.

Surely this plan to block all advertising is going to give to talk in the coming months. Let’s see what’s the reaction of users and developres, then.

European operators want to block all Google advertising