Angry Birds Star Wars 2 available from September 19. What’s new?

Hexamob 07/16/2013
Angry Birds is being one of the most successful and profitable events of recent years. Normally, a game like this could have been very famous for a while and then it would be disappearing among the many options offered by app stores like Play Store, App Store or the Windows Marketplace. However, this is not happening with the famous game Angry Birds, it’s becoming one of the more known even by those who neither use a smartphone. Rovio has announced officially Angry Birds Star Wars II for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the new version of the game. Angry Birds Star Wars II will be available for download from September 19. Angry Birds Star Wars II will show us many adventures in chronological order starting from the end of Episode I to Episode IV.

What’s new in Angry Birds Star Wars II?

It seems the most important new feature of this new version is that we will be able to play with real toys, physical toys or figures that Hasbro toy company is responsible for manufacturing. These dolls are called Telepods. Each pack of figures could be worth about $6 and a complete set seems to be around $40. The price of the game will be of only $1 the normal version and $3 for the HD version as we are informed. These figures characterized for Angry Birds new realease will can be used in the next way, they may be placed on a pedestal and we will be able to scan with the Android front camera of our phone the bar code of the figure so the profile of that character will be loaded in the game. In Hasbro there are very clever people… ;-) We’ll see what’s the reaction of the users of Angry Birds, but usually we expect a huge amount of downloads and sales of figures since if expectations are met as usual, the Angry Birds phenomenon may continue for many time.