Android M automatically saves backups of apps in Google Drive

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 07/31/2015

Just as happened currently with the data configuration as the WiFi password, now Google adds support for backup of applications in Android M. It will be a process fully automated in a way that the user does not have to worry and that the process itself memorize it in the cloud, as a virtual storage in Google Drive.

The publication of a review of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Android puts us on the trail of a new feature that will come after the release of Android M. As Google explains in its official blog, the company puts in the hands of developers a new option that can integrate into their applications. By adding a few lines of code you can embed a backup system to perform a backup of personal data. The benefits will be important for the user, as explained below.

Google’s blog exposes through a video that the latest version of the SDK for Android M allows developers adapt their apps to make them compatible with the native backup system security. This Android will automatically create a copy of the application data on Google Drive storage service finder. This process will be autonomous, but will have a default configuration that will activate the backup every morning when the Android device is connected to a WiFi network and also during the process of recharging the battery.

Android M brings you a tool that may henceforth worship. And if in such circumstances is the most common backup with third party apps and some even lack of information, applications reinstalled one by one, the new version of Android will integrate a utility most than valuable.

In short, from now on the user with a smartphone or tablet with Android M operating system can retrieve any device settings and personal data stored by apps installed on older equipment once it is associated to Google Account and the device. The same functionality can be applied to a formatted terminal. Thus the user enjoys the same user experience without having to install one by one and reconfigure each app, as if it is a synchronization device in question.

Android M automatically saves backups of apps in Google Drive