Android leaves the door open to steal fingerprints

Hexamob | Alberto Mulas 08/8/2015

Even fingerprint sensors that seek to improve the security of access to mobile devices are spared with vulnerability to attacks from hackers. Two experts in protecting computer information from company FireEye showed to the public today.

The evolution of the ‘malware’ and cyber espionage techniques has advanced so much in the last decade than any tool made available can be used for the criminals to access the entire volume of protected information. Applications that read and identify the biometric parameters are no exception, warned Tao Wei and Zhong Yulong at a conference in Las Vegas (USA).

For programmers experiment took Samsung Galaxy S5 models and HTC One Max, specifies the ZDNet website, but the threat also affects smartphones based on Android such as Huawei or OnePlus brands and all those with fingerprint sensor.

Android leaves the door open to steal fingerprints 1

The distribution market with fingerprint sensor devices is still very small compared to the huge total number of Android devices distributed annually, but the sensors are gaining ground and some forecasts suggest that all the manufacturers will include it in the future.

According to the researchers detected, the root directory of Android is like an open door to hackers. Using a malicious program, a cyber criminal could easily seize the fingerprint image without the user being aware of the attack. Then get access to any ‘protected’ data with the mark.

Android leaves the door open to steal fingerprints