How to root your Android smartphone with Magisk Manager

Hexamob 05/11/2017

Magisk is a root manager method that works by leaving the system partition untouched and only needs to modify the boot partition. It’s a systemless root method. The advantages of Magisk Manager are really numerous, and the package installs very quickly.

Magisk is a systemless interface, a tool that allows you to make changes to your system (eg gain root privileges) without altering the partition/system. So using this the device will not be altered, allowing for example the use of some apps that would not work with classic root.

Really: through Magisk Manager, you can override the control of Google SafetyNet, which checks to see if the partition/system of the device has been modified. In this way, apps like bank apps, Super Mario Run and Pokémon Go will work regularly. Obviously, there are cases where Magisk may fail, for example in a Custom ROM that has many modifications, or using apps and modules that turn on SafetyNet anyway.

However, the app works fine on both Custom ROMs, such as Lineage OS, and ROM stocks. The package includes an executable, which in this case does not alter the system partition, but only /data, /cache and the kernel. Actually, the Magisk Manager app manages the root settings and keeps the system updated.

In this guide we will see how to install and configure it correctly. Remember that this app is useful even when your device is already rooted, so we will distinguish two cases: the one where your device is already rooted and the one where you do not have the root permissions (the truly important).


* Android device running Android 5.0 or newer. * Custom Recovery (TWRP is one of the best). Here you can find how to install TWRP recovery.

Steps to ROOT

Download Magisk

When you have installed a custom recovery in your phone you need to download the Magisk ZIP file to flash in the next step. You can find the Magisk ZIP file in xda-developers. Download the latest zip directly on your phone/tablet. magisk-manager-logo As alternative you can download the Magisk Manager app from an APK file which will let you download the latest zip Magisk file directly.

Flash Magisk ZIP file from recovery

You’ve to go into recovery on your phone and install the downloaded Magisk ZIP file. To know how to boot into your custom boot recovery you can read this guide.

Install Magisk Manager App

After install the Magisk ZIP from recovery Magisk framework will be installed on your device. To manage Magisk you can run Magisk Manager App. It will let you manage root settings, install modules and more. magisk-manager-app-apk

Verify ROOT status

Is your phone rooted correctly? Go into Magisk Manager App. If you see some green check marks in the app it means you have rooted your phone successfully.


All steps of Magisk ROOT method with more details are available in a thread of XDA DEVELOPERS. You can get more information here:


Legal conditions

Hexamob is not responsible for any damages caused directly or indirectly by a rooting method. Any action for rooting your device is done it only under your responsibility.

We recommend that you read all the instructions related to each root method and follow them step by step as indicated by the developers. If you have any question or need support, on every page there are links to the developers of each method.