Development of custom apps

Hexamob 10/8/2013
development of custom apps

Every business has its own needs and in many cases the generic apps do not meet the requirements for you. Hexamob has specialized in the realization of custom development to create value in our clients’ businesses.

This type of project requires communication and exquisite sound methodology to maintain at all times the contact with our customers, to be present in all stages of development and to ensure that the end result is really what our client needs. In this way we increase project performance and reduce downtime and deviations that are not beneficial to anyone.

Our methodology is based on the following key points:

1. Preliminary study and analysis of customer requirements.
2. Project Evaluation, small functional analysis. Budget and client presentation of a concept test.
3. After customer acceptance, a new analysis, organic and functional, is performed thoroughly.
4. Design, development and implementation of the application.
5. Test phase and system integration.
6. Quality control, re-engineering and performance optimization.
7. Commissioning and documentation.
8. Creating software packages, delivery and completion of the project.
9. Where required, maintenance.

What advantages can offer to work with us?

1. Since we offer an interrelationship, Hexamob is adapting itself to the continuous and flexible model you choose, facilitating the work from the beginning ensuring the highest return on your investment.
2. We offer differentiation and delivering value as a competitive strategy against other companies.
3. Since we, Hexamob, dump in the renewal of our knowledge to be able to offer advice and application of the best technology for you.
4. We guarantee the work with a team in which words like team, commitment, transparency and syndication efforts, not only heard but are used in each of his works.
5. An exceptional quality control, is for us the way to avoid a new problem. Our quality standards are very stringent to ensure the optimal satisfaction of our customers and a high quality end product.
6. We are experts in programming for Android OS and use their competitive advantages.
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