How to manage the memory in Android devices

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 12/29/2014

If we do not have a high-end smartphone, sooner or later we will face a problem: the lack of memory. Mobile devices have limited storage capacity, and depending on how we use it, we can get a message with the unpleasant notification that we can not install anything else because we have run out of memory.

That may be due to several reasons. First, we must know what memory we have and how we are managing it. Many smartphones and tablets have two kind of memories, the internal memory, smaller and fixed, and the external one, with larger capacity and expandable.

If we keep that in mind, we can use the external memory to store everything that requires space, such as photo, music and video files, and all the data from the apps that do not need to be located in the internal memory. If we have apps installed on the internal memory, we can move them to external one. You can check this guide to know how to move apps to the microSD card.


It is highly advisable to have the internal memory with some free space, as this improves the overall performance of the device. A smartphone or tablet with the internal memory almost full, it used to have a lower performance, run slower and some apps may not function correctly.

The internal memory is where all the system files are located and the place where some basic applications need to be installed. To check the actual capacity we have, we can go to Settings > Storage. There, we can see the capacity of each of the memories available and how full they are.


However, not all devices have external memory. There are many models that only have the internal one, and in those cases it is even more important to optimize well the space available. A handy way to check what is happening on our smartphone or tablet is to install an app to help us.

Device Storage Analyzer is an application that analyze our use of memory, and can help us to identify the apps that we are occupying more space. Some applications accumulate large amounts of data, and over time, they can saturate the phone. With this app, we can know which applications require an unnecessary amount of space and by eliminating them, we not only win extra space but also improve the performance of our device.

Device Storage Analyzer is free and very easy to use. You can download it from Google Play.