How to change the ringtone of some contacts

Hexamob | Emma Rossinyol 12/30/2014

Customize our phone is not just a whim. Sometimes small configuration changes can facilitate our daily life. One of those very simple and practical changes is the possibility to assign different ringtones to specific contacts. Thus, when we hear the phone, we can know who is calling without unlocking the device nor watch the incoming call.

Doing it is simple, but the steps may vary depending on the manufacturer. Normally, most manufacturers use their own contact app, with slightly different features and functions for each company. That makes it very difficult to have a valid manual for any brand. However, there are some basic guidelines that can guide us to deal with our terminal.

Let’s see first how to do it in the least altered devices, ie, those that use a closer version to pure Android (like Nexus, Bq or Motorola devices).


From the contact app, we can change this feature. We must select the contact we want to change the ringtone and access to it. Once we have the contact details screen, tab on the settings icon located in the top right corner. From there, a menu with the option to set a ringtone will be displayed.

If we enter this option, we can choose the tone we want to assign to that contact. By default, we have the basic tones available, and if we have other tones installed, they will also appear there to choose from.

In other smartphone models, the steps may differ, but most offer the option to assign custom ringtones for certain contacts. You just have to search in the corresponding contact app for the right option.


Keep in mind that this change may affect other apps, such as Whatsapp, which have phone numbers related with sound notifications. For example, if we change the ringtone for a contact, then the notification tone will automatically change when receiving a Whatsapp message.

If we do not want this to happen, we must access the Whatsapp configuration menu and access to “Notifications”. From there, we can disable the “Contact ringtone: Use contact’s custom ringtone as the notification ringtone”.

This is also true for other apps that use a notification system linked to the phone numbers where we can keep different sounds depending on the ringtone assigned to each contact.